If you are searching for illustrators, this website is your best choice: Ingo Fast is an award-winning illustrator who has created conceptual and narrative, often landscape or cityscape-like illustrations for many magazines, newspapers, books, and brochures, for editorial, institutional, educational, corporate, and advertising clients, in the US as well as many other countries all over the world. He has illustrated greeting cards, posters, brochures, annual reports, childrens textbooks, travel guides, T-Shirts, websites, maps, charts and bird's eye view diagrams, logos, and murals, in the context of a multitude of subject matters such as children, people, family, lifestyle, and retirement; political and society-oriented themes; business, money, financial issues, and investing or investment-related topics; medical, health, and pharmaceutical subjects; technology, communication, media, and the internet; cars and automotive, travel, transportation, and insurance; and food, packaging, and products. His concepts are solution-oriented, and most often satirical, funny, whimsical, and sometimes cartoon-like. His scenes are imaginative, humorous, and clever, and he uses as a technique a style of pen and ink / line combined with color, that being either water-color or gouache, or digital color, but also black and white line art. He draws icons, spots, quarter, half, and full pages, covers, as well as full spreads if needed, and would like to venture into animation if he is given the opportunity.